Thursday, February 10, 2011

Circus & Passion Play

Possibilitarian Puppet Theater presents “The Garbage Insurrection Circus and Angel of History Passion Play” at Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Tremont on Friday and Saturday, February 25 & 26 at 8 PM. 

Why a garbage insurrection circus?
Because we let the voice of the garbage in the door, and so it screams out to us for life, and it becomes masks and puppets and a puppet show, and this is in itself Insurrection.  The abandoned vacant houses filling the garbage can of this city cry for Insurrection.  The unemployed masses filling the garbage can of this economy call for Insurrection.  The gloom and doom of the streets being left behind by a money worshipping society cry for Insurrection.   And precisely because of the apparent impossibility of this enterprise we call ourselves Possibilitarians, and we make a puppet circus with music, to laugh at the absurd beauty of this world we are living in.  The passion play is to honor the seriousness of this same absurdly beautiful situation, and will include words by Walter Benjamin, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

All music will be provided by the Wild Music Ensemble.  Cheap Art will be available for purchase.  This event is free with a possible $5-10 donation.  Brick-oven baked sourdough bread will be served with aioli after the show.  The Pilgrim United Church of Christ is located at the corner of West 14th Street and Starkweather Ave. in Tremont (2592 W. 14th).  For more information, email, or call 216-932-5609.